Mason has worked and is currently working on several projects utilizing various delivery methods from Design-Build, Design-Assist, Design-bid-build, and other variations. We can attest to value generated from a collaborative project delivery and believe our preconstruction expertise sets us apart from many of our competitors. 

We are passionate about delivering projects that leverage true collaboration between the Designer, Owner and Builder. This process emphasizes the importance of early team integration between all parties including trade partners. Leveraging the idea of early integration amongst the entire project team brings the necessary expertise at the right time to optimize the overall design and cost which matters most to our clients.

Even though the various alternative project delivery approaches have slightly different nuances, they all have the same goal of harnessing the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and ensure the best possible outcome for all stakeholders.


Our team uses up-to-date historical pricing and analytics to ensure we produce estimates that are attainable and accurate. We provide milestone estimates at each design phase and, in addition, we will provide interim cost updates. Our process will document design changes as they occur via the Cost Evolution Log and give the Team “real time” cost information as the plans evolve.  This interim cost tracking will help the Team make informed scope decisions as the design progresses.


Throughout the preconstruction phase, we work with the project Team to understand the goals and deliverables for the project. We will research and advise on where alterations can be made to reduce cost without affecting performance, quality and/or long-term maintenance. The objective is to ensure your project stays on budget while maintaining the original design intent.


This is a cornerstone of the cost and quality control process. We will utilize our in-house expertise as well as independent consultants, when appropriate, to review plans and specifications to offer potential ways to save money by modifying details or means and methods, without affecting performance, quality, or long-term maintenance. At this time, we would also advise on ways to extend the life-cycle of the building by reducing ongoing maintenance. We believe this process should be engaged in early in the design process to promote efficiency.


We believe effective scheduling is the road map to the success of a project. Mason and the proposed Project Team have established a track record of finishing projects on time.  Continual monitoring and updating the project schedule is essential, however inevitably, problems arise. Creative solutions to these challenges is what we believe differentiates Mason Builders.

As a General Contractor generally speaking, our most important role is problem-solving to maneuver unforeseen challenges. This has never been more relevant than in today’s world of supply chain deficiencies. Products like paint, metal joists and deck, plastic laminate, insulation, and screws/fasteners, are a few items that typically have not been difficult to procure in a reasonable timeframe; however, today, we must be very intentional and stay informed on lead times for ALL materials to avoid potential crisis. We fully anticipate tracking and creating early bid packages to procure specific materials and equipment to ensure timely delivery.


More than a catch phrase, we believe strongly in the importance of sustainable construction. We have several LEED Accredited Professionals and can offer ways to improve your building’s energy consumption, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, and indoor environmental quality